Massages Can Help Improve the Quality of Your Life

Give your body and mind a peaceful, revjuvenating break and let yourself be pampered at Access Hawaiian Massage.  You deserve the benefits massage therapy can provide.


Massage and Stress Relief

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Professionally Recommended

The act of massaging or any form of touch treatment triggers secretion of a natural anti-depressant called serotonin.  You can feel this immediately after a therapy session; you’re calmer, more focused, and suffice to say...happier!

People use massage for both general relaxation and wellbeing or to address a specific complaint such as pain or limited range of motion.  Research suggests massage therapy may contribute to both goals.

“Cindy has always shown superb professionalism with my patients...”
- Dr. Michael J. Masters, D.C.

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Specializing in traditional Lomilomi massage techniques.

“Aloha and prayer are the essence of Lomilomi.  Touching the body with a loving touch, if your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart and their soul will reach out to yours so the healing will flow through you both”.
- Aunty Margaret Machado


Cindy Shilling - licensed and practicing since 1986


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